Do you want to be a personal trainer at fitness local? Apply now.

High standards in service and skill are required. No rejections are personal.

At Fitness Local we have the town's top personal trainers under one roof! You can find out more below, each personal trainer below has agreed to provide a free consultation for those who are seriously considering working with a personal trainer.

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Theo Whittington

✓ Fully Qualified     ✓ Fully Insured

A personal trainer with a decade of experience who specialises in strength development and nutrition. He has coached strength athletes to the regional and national level and worked with clients toward large weight loss goals.

Key strengths: Strength training, nutrition, exercise programming


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Ian Hugo

✓ Fully Qualified     ✓ Fully Insured

A REPs registered, fully insured, personal trainer, nutritionist, kettlebell instructor and indoor cycling instructor based at Fitness Local. Ian loves basketball and limited edition shoes and will often spend evenings at the gym training with his daughters Oriana and Taya.

Key strengths: Sports training, athletic training, nutrition


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